The Fades

A community for anything to do with the BBC3 show The Fades

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A fan site for the BBC3 show The Fades
This is a community for the new BBC3 show The Fades.

This site is still undercontruction, but don't feel you have to wait for me to sort out graphics etc before posting anything here.

This site welcomes meta, discussions, fic, art, icons, random specualtion and general squee.

If you're posting spoilers, big pictures or anything longer than a couple of hundred words please use a cut.

If you are posting fic please use a header which includes.
Pairing or Characters:
Rating: (you can use whichever system you want ie UK film, US film or fan rating.
Warnings: (Warnings are for things like non-con, dub-con, torture etc. It is not where you let readers know about m/m or f/f pairings - this is what the pairing bit above is for.)

Including a Summary to tell potential readers what the fic is about is a plus - you're more likely to get people reading if they know what it's about.